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Raquel Rivera, Author: I'm a writer living with my family in Montreal, Canada, for the past 12 years. Prior to this I practiced my profession in Washington DC, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Barcelona and Toronto.

My travel experiences and my own family background have led me to write on themes such as opposing viewpoints, cultures in conflict and in cooperation. I read history and biographies...

In My Hysterical Opinion: here we put down the books we've been tearing through at compulsively high speed, passing days and nights curled in a ball on a chair without food or water to sustain us. With our hair sticking up and our glasses clouding over we break to dash to the computer and embed our impressions here - what is stupid, what is brilliant, what is true for our complex world. No stuffed shirts declaring what is good or bad here. And with grateful thanks to all those wonderful women writers who have died screaming to bring us many of our favourites.

Nette and Rascal are the co-creators of IMHystericalO Review. They'll be prying themselves away from their books to update this site on a regular basis.

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