Thursday, 8th May 2003, 11:10am
An opinion by: Noemi

Vintage Sex by Noemi LoPinto

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a most delightful and beautifully written tale.  had you been challenged to write something fictional which continuously lurked on the outer branches of the tree, i doubt you could come close to writing anything more poignant, timeless, and genuinely funny.  who among us--may i see a show of hands please?--has not had a similar experience with a parent which regardless of the number of years since its passing--still brings a shudder.  they always meant well and to call them on it only reenforced their belief that you really did need a vibrator all along and that mother (or rarely) father really does know best.

thank you for the audible laughter you provoked and the reminder that they will always be our parents and nothing we can do will alter that.

michaelmas on Sunday, 19th October 2003, 1:13pm
Your mother did what she could - very touching story (no pun intended...)
Trish on Sunday, 14th January 2007, 11:02pm

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