Wednesday, 27th November 2002, 4:56pm
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 Anais Nin

Anais Nin, A Biography by Deirdre Bair

Alright now Anais Nin isn't someone who ever interested me much as reading matter. I was introduced to her mythic personality by the movie Henry and June , as well as sundry of covers of her various books that all featured soft-focus portraits of the author. I didn't take to this fuzzy icon of artistic femininity (or would that be feminine artistry?), no, not in the slightest. But I've got to admit, the story of Nin's life will give you a run for your money: it is interesting, and as complex as the deceitful self-styled doyenne of Great Feeling could devise for herself. Even while her persona continued to irritate me, Dierdre Bair's writing wouldn't let me give up on this demi-crazed diarist. She portrays Nin's admirable determination to be recognized for her own talents, even while Nin's own belief system (and the prevailing atmosphere of the time) denied this to women. Towards the end of her life, Anais Nin was both hailed and reviled by the women's movement of the 60's and 70's for these inherent conflicts. But hey, she was a highly contradictory fucked up pathological liar, so what do you want? What's really cool is that despite all this, Nin seems to pull it all together for herself at the very end, finding elusive fame and a purchaser of her epic diaries. What's more, in the process she manages to mature a little, and find personal redemption. As bios go, it was better'n fiction.

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can I just comment on the callous nature of this (blurb) review???

(Gee..umm...she ain't that pretty and uhh..her cover photos [done in the thirties and NOT comissioned by the artists] are soft focused.. but all in all she seems like a good gal ...HEy she knew henry miller-did you guys see that movie???)

Whatever-way to do your research yin yang-got this job cause you were bored didn't cha?

Look-as much as the genre of erotic fiction/journals goes, most of it sucks rocks-but nin certainly should get some legtimate credit for her efforts in giving the genre some sort of creedence-she's erudite, incredibly well spoken, precise, and at many points even fascinating-her collection of letters to Henry Miller are well worth any true lit-buffs time and her (unexpurgated ) diaries illustrate her time incredibly-check 'em out-they're well worth the time spent. Besides that, she's probably one of the best writers of erotica out there-if you are starting a collection, it's not complete without Delta of Venus-and Little Birds is more than worth a perusal as well.
joethelion on Sunday, 5th May 2002, 5:10am

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