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I was very pleased to be asked to contribute to the fall 2011 issue of Canadian Children’s Books News, in honour of Freedom to Read Week (freedomtoread.ca). If you’re not (yet) a Book Centre member with a subscription, or you missed the issue on the newsstands, here’s a peek: 3FreedomToRead_CCBN_Fall_2011.pdf

Here are some photos from my trip to Arizona in November, where I was doing research for my manuscript Yipee’s Gold Mountain. What an astonishing place--especially for someone who’s used to driving through Cananda’s vast swaths of region. On the first day I was in the desert, sweating through my only t-shirt and fretting that I’d packed too many sweaters for the trip. Two hours later I was driving through the windy, pine-forested Prescott National Park at 5,000 feet elevation. A couple of days later, I had to buy snow boots to wear in Flagstaff, at 7,000 feet. What an excellent State: if you get sick of winter, summer is just a couple of hours drive down the mountains.

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